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Are you struggling to attract GPs without breaking the bank? Here are some creative ways in which practices can attract GPs without a large upfront payment.

Developing new skills

GPs don’t always have financial motivations. Some GPs may be more interested in the experience they can gain from mentorship in a specialty area of medicine. Does your practice have a skin care specialist that could teach an incoming GP? Is there an opportunity to watch and learn other skills such as cosmetics, contraceptive insertion, minor procedures etc?  We have seen this work very well for a number of practices!

Equity in the Practice

This doesn’t have to be offered straight away. But, it could be put on the table as a future opportunity for GPs who have established themselves in the practice and are ready to make a long-term commitment. Not only does it offer a more viable financial incentive to get a GPs on board, it also helps you set up succession planning for the future of the practice. GPs will feel more connected to the practice, knowing that they have stakes in the clinic’s success, and therefore be more motivated to work extra hours.

Loan car

When recruiting a GP from the UK, providing a car to use free of charge for the first couple of weeks can be invaluable. Whether one of the practice owners has a spare car the GP could use for a week, or you organise to hire a car, this gesture not only helps GPs get set up in Australia, it can also mean that they start work sooner.


Similar to providing a free loan car, providing temporary accommodation can prove vital for GPs who are coming from overseas and starting a new life here in Australia. Airbnb could be a great short-term accommodation option for your new GP, or perhaps you have a property that you could lease out to newly recruited GPs. If there are incentives in place that will help make their transition easier, your job becomes a lot more attractive to GP.

More than 6 weeks annual leave

If you have the capacity, considering offering longer break periods. This is useful for GPs who want to go back to the UK to visit family, but also want to explore our beautiful country!

Free parking

If you have free, accessible parking at your site, or you are willing to pay the parking costs for your GPs – mention it in the contract. This is sometimes a luxury. Especially for those in inner-city practices.

Higher pay rate for after-hours

This is a win-win for the GP and the practice. We know that GPs have a higher earning potential in the after-hours. Why not reward their commitment by offering a higher % for weekends and time at the practice after 6pm? We have seen this model work successfully to the benefit of both parties.

Try to think outside the box when making an offer to a GP. Contact our recruitment consultant, Hanniel, if you are stuck on ways to entice GPs to your practice. She knows what GPs want and can help you come up with a creative offer that will help get GPs to sign on the dotted line – without the large sign on bonuses.