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In spite of repeated claims that Australian trained GPs will be able to cover workforce shortages around the country, we are seeing GPs shortages even in inner metropolitan areas.   Australian trained GPs are in high demand and many clinics struggle to attract them.

So how do we attract local Australian trained GPs?

Some practices manage to attract Australian GPs through non-financial points of difference if the other conditions are right. This can include having a collaborative team with a strong Lead GP who they can speak with prior to signing. Having specific specialties within the clinic or the opportunity and support to specialise also can attract a GP. These things can all set you apart from other practices.

By positioning your clinic as a different style of team or having a unique specialty or niche approach, you will enhance your odds of recruiting an Australian GP. You need to carefully consider how to present your offer and make the clinic seem too enticing to miss.

However, while the GP shortage persists, you need to be aware that this group of GPs is also looking for specific attributes such as:

  • Mixed billing
  • Reasonable percentage of billings – at least 65% in mixed billing
  • Convenient location and a well-presented practice with large well-lit rooms
  • State of the art equipment
  • Initial hourly guarantee
  • Minimal or no after hours or weekend requirements
  • Well established patient base with a variety of patient demographics
  • Experienced and supportive Practice Manager and administration staff
  • Full-time nursing staff
  • “Family style” medicine
  • Flexible contracts

Not all points above are required however they do help.

If you have a bulk billing clinic, you need to be offering 70% of billings, a guarantee of $150 per week and you need to be able to offer something unique.

For private billing clinics, 65% of billings is becoming more common.

However, the stark reality is, some postcodes will not attract Australian GPs, no matter what you put in place. In these situations, well-trained Overseas GPs may be part of the solution for you

If you would like any advice on recruitment or ideas on how to make your vacancy more exciting, please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] or 1800 604 332