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Alecto Connect epitomises the cornerstone of our business which is our relationships with the GPs we work with and their relationships with each other.

Alecto Connect, our GP community, have enjoyed the following end of year events:

  • Perth at Rockpool Bar and Grill
  • Sydney at The Urban Winery
  • Melbourne at Kirks Wine Bar

Please see below photos from our most recent events.

It has been a year of change in the General Practice sector and a reminder that everyone is constantly learning and changing with the times. With new RACGP requirements and visa changes, let along MBS changes, there has been challenges and triumphs in 2018. We are grateful for our sponsors MDA National for the ability to provide these events at no cost to attendees and we look forward to many more events next year!

If you are interested in Alecto Connect events in 2019, please email [email protected] to make sure you are on the list. As always we welcome suggestions on dinner venues, social events and CPD evenings.