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What are we doing for Christmas?

Everyone is winding down getting ready for the Christmas and summer holidays. At Alecto Australia we are busier than ever but will have some time off to celebrate the holidays. We thought we would share what each of the team are up to this year:

Martina – “This year we are having a family reunion in Berlin, Germany near where many of the Christmas traditions such as baubles originated. I will be celebrating Christmas on Christmas eve as this is the German way, with a nice meal and exchanging of gifts. I will be enjoying family time and my 2 grandchildren’s first Christmas, and then maybe a little skiing.”

Rob – “I will be enjoying a well-deserved holiday on the surf coast of Victoria. I am looking forward to Christmas morning with my wife and kids followed by lunch and dinner with the families. We will then spend the rest of the week enjoying the sun and surf”

Monique – “We will be taking our 1 year old son to meet his German relatives for the very first time and hopefully a white Christmas. While my husband and I are dreading the long flight with a small child, we are looking forward to exploring the Christmas markets and some skiing after the main day”

Megan – “This year we will be going to my parent’s house for our traditional Christmas lunch with my extended family. I am looking forward to a lot of pasta, every kind of meat on the BBQ, watching my grandfather (who used to be a butcher) cut up the Christmas ham and enjoying my nephew’s first Christmas. My partner and I will then be leaving after lunch to travel up to the Yarra Valley to celebrate Christmas with his family on Boxing Day. We will most likely enjoy a nice few days up there, unfortunately no boxing day sales this year”

Hanniel – “I will be celebrating Christmas day with my husband and children. Enjoying the magic of Santa on Christmas morning and eating my husband’s famous baked ham. On Boxing day we will be taking a long 11 hour drive to visit family and friends in Newcastle, NSW. I am looking forward to time at the beach and letting my parents enjoy being grandparents.”

Sandy – “On Christmas day, my family’s motto is ‘Eat, Sleep, Repeat’. I will be celebrating with lots of family with lots of food. We attend Christmas Eve midnight mass together every year and go out for food afterwards at 2am in the morning. Our Christmas is very relaxed and happy with lots of Christmas Carols. My favourite things are Christmas lights, taking trips to the beach on warm summer nights and spending a lot of time with family and friends.”

From the team at Alecto Australia, we wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year!