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Recruitment agencies play such a vital role in making sure your transition to Australia is a smooth, and exciting experience. You can have a smooth transition if you make sure you choose the right one.  Consider our tips to help you make the right choice.

4 things to look out for when choosing a recruiter:

  1. They know their practices well: Ideally, they have physically been to the practice to gauge things like: patient numbers, team dynamic, admin support, practice manager’s ability, consulting room set up. This way you know the advice they are giving you are correct and the practice you work with has enough patients for you.
  2. They are experienced with registration assistance: Don’t be afraid to ask how many GPs they have supported through the process? Some recruiters may not even offer this service so its important to ask if they can provide this and what the timeframes are likely to be.
  3. They have experience in recruiting into Australia: Testimonials are important. Can they provide testimonials from GPs who have worked with them on transitioning to Australia?
  4. They have a proven support network: Can they provide you with a GP support network when you arrive? This is especially important for those coming to Australia on their own and would like the opportunity to make new friends in Australia.

3 traps to avoid as you hunt for the right recruiter:

  1. Working with several recruiters: Don’t work with too many recruiters. We recommend working with one or two recruitment agencies maximum. If you work with more than two recruiters, it can dilute their influence with practices if your CV is being sent to them from lots of different recruiters. The practice may feel that you are not serious about their clinic or have too many offers on the table
  2. Casting your net too wide: Narrow down the 2-3 areas where you would like to live and talk to recruiters who have been or lived there. This will help you focus on the best clinics in your ideal area.
  3. Interviewing with too many practices: Pick 2 or 3 practices to interview with and then go from there and trust your recruiter’s opinion. We see many GPs who will interview with 10 practices and then be severely overwhelmed with where they want to go

If you are looking for a GP position and want to chat to Alecto Australia about our approach, please contact Hanniel Dalla Rosa on +61 404 460 003 or [email protected]