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Towards the end of each year, I start thinking about my New Year Resolutions – the time where we start to set unrealistic goals for the coming year. Over the years, it has become quite evident that New Year Resolutions are those things that you start on January 1 and end on January 30!

NY resolutions

This year, I decided on something different to kick off my year – tackle 5 bad habits.

These are some of my focuses:

  1. Stop procrastinating

I’m going to make that ‘one day’ today. I use to fall into a vicious cycle, constantly putting those things off and have them constantly in the back of my mind.

My new solution: Checklists have become my best friend. I write things down and tick them as I go, this way I’ve been remembering everything and seeing progress with my goals.

  1. Stop the complaining

Occasionally I find myself complaining about things that I think were avoidable.

My new solution: Instead of expecting other things to change, I’m the one who is making the change. Open communication with those around me I believe is key to healthy relationships and friendships.

  1. Make healthy eating a lifestyle change

I consider us Australians to be extremely lucky with an abundance of multicultural food everywhere we go. In previous years, I have attempted (and failed) to cut out carbs, unhealthy snacks and takeaway food.

My new solution: I think the key to healthy eating is moderation. I allow myself a few cheat meals during the weekend and find that planning my work meals on Sunday night (including snacks) keeps me on track.

  1. Setting unrealistic goals

This is unhealthy and I was constantly disappointing myself as I was expecting instant gratification!

My new solution: One thing I always like to keep in mind is life is a journey and not a destination. I find goals are a great way to keep me motivated. I now take my time setting goals and I always give myself extra time to achieve them.

  1. Let go of negativity

This one is the most difficult for me but I’m getting better at it.

My new solution: I’m constantly learning to stop expecting too much, appreciate more, take responsibility, forgive myself and others, help others and always move forward.

Written by Sandy Khneisser – Digital Marketing Manager, Alecto Australia