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We often meet GPs who tell us they don’t want to work for a ‘Corporate’ Clinic. There can be a stigma to working in a corporate practice – however while some facts may have been true 10 years ago, the corporate world has changed for the better! We wanted to bust some common myths about working in a corporate style practice:

  • It’s mostly 5-minute medicine

Practice owners let GPs choose how many patients they prefer see each day. They are happy for their GPs to work at their own pace focusing on quality consultations over quantity. There is also a large variety of patients and you can build up a patient base.

  • Corporate Practices don’t have quality doctors

This is not true at all. This is a very common misconception. Corporate practices do have quality GPs and are desperate for more however these myths do get in our way. They also encourage GPs the ability to teach medical students or supervise registrars. Recently one GP we recruited for a corporate practice won Clinical Supervisor of the year at one of the Australia’s biggest universities!

  • I will have to sign a long contract

Corporate practices have recognised that this is no longer the way to go. Many now offer shorter term contracts that can be negotiated (and are also quite attractive). These can range from 6 months, 12 months, 18 months or longer. You can now choose to start on a 6-month contract to ‘try before you buy’. If you then wish to stay, you can! They will also allow you to relocate to different practices in the group – work in different parts of Australia!

  • There are so many GPs, I won’t have support from management

Corporate practices do have a larger number of GPs at each site. However due to being a larger company they have many great systems and training in place for staff. Therefore, most practices have great Practice Managers who do provide support for their GPs. Some have fortnightly clinical meetings and provide a social workplace for those who value this.

  • I will have to work a lot of after hours

While this is partially true, it is not a big requirement as you may think. Corporate practices do prefer you to complete some after hours per month.You may be able to cluster your after hours so that you work only one weekend a month. They are quite flexible with After Hours arrangements as long as some hours are worked.

Another plus to Corporate practice life is that some groups offer quality internal training which allows you to complete most or all your CPD points in house!

If you are curious for more information or would like to discuss current opportunities, contact one of our consultants today on 1800 604 332 or email [email protected]