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The 189 Skilled Independent Visa for GPs is back and providing and appears to be offering a relatively easy pathway to Permanent Residency. 

After several years of being completely inaccessible to GPs, the 189 Skilled Independent Visa is back giving the best opportunities for Permanent Residency we have seen in many years.

“We are receiving excited calls from GPs who have been invited to apply for the 189 Independent visa in the last 24 hours” says Martina Stanley, Director at Alecto Australia. 

“It appears that literally thousands of invitations have been sent out on the same day.  Better still, the points requirement has been reduced to 65 points, which is the lowest level at least 5 years.”

While other employer sponsored pathways are still open to eligible GPs, this visa stream appears to provide some distinct advantages:

  • No need for a Health Workforce Certificate
  • No need for Employer Sponsorship
  • You can check your likely eligibility yourself (see link below)

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This article was prepared with the assistance of Cyrus Mistry, a qualified migration agent and director at EasyMigrate. Please consult with EasyMigrate or your chosen migration agency before making any decisions about a visa.

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Alecto Australia is not a registered migration agency and is not providing visa advice – we are just sharing some good news.