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This is not a blog trying to sell ourselves as medical recruiters – it’s a blog about why we are not your typical medical recruiter and why we don’t excel at the typical recruitment game. We are proud of who we are because we are relocation support specialists and workforce advisors.

However, we often get mistaken as recruiters and many people put us in the same box as other companies.

Why is Alecto Australia different?

Typical medical recruitment is generally driven by sales and targets, getting as many CVs to as many employers as possible. In, fact even when you do make a placement, you don’t want it to be permanent so that you could place that doctor again.

It’s our job to make your transition to a new position as smooth and easy as possible while making sure we find a job that is a good match.

However, Alecto Australia has always looked at the industry differently. We believe in making lasting matches and focus on getting to know you and what you want out of a position, rather than just wanting your CV and signature. We create long relationships with the GPs we work with and are happy when they thrive in their positions.

Aside from the joy we get from catching up with our GPs, it is also exciting to create this community of GPs who can then connect to each other. We are here to offer support, understanding and more importantly, answer your questions.

Alecto is also unique as the other side of our business is consulting within the GP space which includes setting up practices, practice improvements and various projects with private and public organisations. This assist in our understanding of both the General Practice industry and workforce issues compared with those who focus solely on recruitment.

What we won’t do:

  • send your CV to every practice in the area you wish to move to
  • leave you to figure out steps in the registration process or getting a provider number
  • introduce you to a practice owner we have not met in person
  • work with GPs who are using 5-6 recruiters at the same time.

What we will do:

  • Have an in-depth initial conversation with you to understand your professional and personal needs
  • Only send you practices that we know fit with your wants and needs and have enough demand to ensure you are busy
  • Be honest with you of our thoughts on locations and their workforce needs
  • Guide you through any registration work with the help of our registration specialist

If you need assistance with anything in the world of General Practice please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and remember, please don’t call us a recruiter.