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In recent weeks a number of ‘our’ GPs have received letters targeted at reducing the ordering of pathology tests for iron studies, thyroid function and Vitamin D and B12.  It appears that doctors are being admonished for ordering two of these pathology tests in the same session.

 “We have seen copies of a number of letters sent to GPs who we know very well” observes Alecto Director Martina Stanley.  “It appears that many of the GPs who are ordering these tests are female GPs who are known for being thorough and caring doctors.   Instead of being praised for providing comprehensive, wholistic care, they are being told that they are out of line with recommended practice.”

 “Some GPs have already told me that this is the ‘last straw’ and they will be actively pursuing a career outside of General Practice,” continues Ms Stanley. “Being told that you need to attend an additional training session to unlearn what you believe to be best practice, is offensive to some of these GPs.  We would hate to see some of our best GPs feel undervalued or have their professionalism questioned as a result of this initiative.”

 Given our concerns about this issue, we thought we would share this excellent letter from GP News