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Wondering what Medical Recruiters Look For In A GPs CV?

It is an undeniable fact that doctors are very high in demand around the world. But do know that a poorly written CV can cost you a chance of being employed? As a doctor, you must have a solid resume with clear indicatives that you are eligible and can meet the demands of your chosen specialism. There are five key elements which potential employers look for when examining your CV, so read on to ensure you got all the right details down on paper.

What Medical Recruiters Look For In A GPs CV


It is essential to have good references when seeking employment in the healthcare industry. You should be able to list three of your previous employers as references. Details must include their position, contact details and name. If you have just started in your career in the medical sector, previous work experience placement officers and academic tutors can also be listed in place of the aforementioned. Be sure to inform your references beforehand for approval to include in your CV. They might be contacted by your future employers.

Professional achievements

Many doctors are expected to have strong academic credentials, so ensure that you include your professional achievements as it is a sure-fire way to distinguish yourself among others. These achievements can include any research which you partook in or conducted in the past. Also, you may include any presentations given before and if you wrote any blogs or published articles. One good way to show that you are interested and engaged in your profession is to write for online publications. You can also choose to list memberships to any professional organisations or renowned publications.

Prior qualifications and education

When potential medical recruiters and employers look through your CV, they want to see your qualifications with the most recent at the top. So ensure that you include all necessary information about where you officially attained your doctor’s license and if you spent time practising abroad. If you happen to be a new doctor, don’t hesitate to include past internships or work experience placements as they help display you got experience in the right environments.

Latest contact information

This may seem trivial but never forget to include your latest contact information. Your telephone number, email address and postal address should be clearly written at the top of your updated CV. If you plan to send your CV digitally, it is a good idea to include a link to professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn. A website is also useful if you have one set up.

Career goals

If you are feeling stumped on how you can start your CV, try stating your career goals first. Whether it is to gain employment, apply for a grant or undertake research, you should state your intent to progress your medical practice or career in the healthcare sector. Your career objectives should be written in a single concise sentence that summarizes the main points your goals. For example, some doctors may state they want to work with local communities or take a step into a management position to gain more experience in leadership roles.

If you plan to update your medical CV, don’t forget to articulate yourself well. Don’t miss these five key elements which will present in the best possible way to help you secure the position you applied for. At Alecto Medical Recruitment, we can provide medical recruitment officers to ensure that you are on the right track when applying for a medical career. Talk to us and find out more!