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From November 2018, practices seeking accreditation will be assessed against the revised and updated 5th edition standards.  The standards have been revised to include a number of changes which will significantly increase the administrative element of accreditation and practice management in general.

Our GPs and Practice managers have expressed their concerns about the administrative burden and increased cost which the changes to the RACGP standards will impose on their practice.

The 5th edition standards will include several new components which practices will need to comply with:

  • GPs must provide patients with information regarding potential fees charged by other providers when making referrals and of their own treatment fees.
  • Practice policies must be changed to account for new guidelines around managing seriously abnormal test results reported outside of normal trading hours.
  • Practices are required to develop and implement policies for dealing with social media and ethical dilemmas that arise in the workplace.

The detailed information regarding the 5th edition standards and important changes can be found on the RACGP website and on the different accreditation bodies website.

The changes to the RACGP standards will result in additional administrative burdens, however without meeting these criteria and successfully completing the accreditation process, practices will not be eligible for the imperative PIP payments which may have a significant effect on clinics across Australia.

If your practice is looking to reduce the administrative burden, Alecto can certainly help. We specialize in all things general practice and there is a range of services we can provide you with to support your business, including preparing for accreditation. Contact us at [email protected]