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The GP shortage in Australia in nowhere near its end, we have many practices around Australia crying out for good GPs. Sometimes when recruiting a GP, we find it’s not always about the money involved and it can sometimes be difficult to get them over the line. Surprisingly GPs look mainly at the following things:

What do GPs really want?

  • A big factor is of course billings, generally GPs will no longer consider anything under 65%. A lot of clinics are now offering 70% or an increase in percentage after 6 months to a year to remain competitive
  • A good minimum guarantee is essential and GPs definitely look at this, especially if your clinic is brand new or if it is a large clinic with a lot of GPs
  • GPs look for a clinic which is going to advertise to the local community and existing patients that they have a new GP on staff
  • GPs  look for a clinic which is going to provide a good on-boarding or induction program that will take them through the practice and systems and explain how you work. They will ask about this and it is important that you can articulate your program during the hiring process
  • Highlight good places near your clinic! – Cafes, parks, shops
  • Additionally, you will already know offering flexible hours is key, especially to female GPs.

At Alecto we work to match the very best candidates to your clinic, we ensure they will be a great fit and that you will both be happy with the arrangement. Contact one of our consultants today for confidential discussion on 1800 604 332