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Although most of our GPs are very happy with the placements we have facilitated, sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as we had expected, and we find ourselves investigating what might have gone wrong. Over the years we have learned that most problems can be traced back to an unsatisfactory induction process. For example, sitting with a senior GP for two hours is not going to provide an overseas trained doctor with enough information to do well.

Here are eight elements of a good induction program that we have picked up from our candidates and clients:

  1. provide them with information of local health and community services including pathology, hospital, and other services that they can refer to in their consultations.
  2. provide a detailed orientation of the practice’s clinical resources such as the oxygen, emergency drugs bag.
  3. explain the practice’s rules for billings and patient ‘ownership’ 
  4. training in the appropriate utilisation of MBS item numbers.
  5. training in clinical and management software when applicable.
  6. orientate the new GP to the practices specific systems, including the processes for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of patient health information.
  7. give them an understanding of the local health and cultural environment in which the practice operates.
  8. help GPs understand the day to day operation of the practice.