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Amidst the doom and gloom about changes to regulations for Overseas Trained Doctors in Australia, there is some good news that shouldn’t be overlooked. In a nutshell: DWS changes do not impact on all of 19AB exemptions.

Whilst we know that the DWS exemption and DWS map will be replaced with a new mapping tool after 1 July, this does not spell the end of metropolitan work for those requiring a 19AB exemption. The Department of Health have confirmed that the other 19AB exemptions will still be available to OTDs. This includes:

Replacement DWS exemptions
The replacement provision for practices who have GPs on current DWS exemptions leave, will still remain so that those GPs can be replaced as long as the appropriate paperwork is acquired. These exemptions are currently highly coveted and will become more and more rare.

Spousal exemptions
For those OTDs who have a spouse working in a skilled occupation and who has held a skilled visa now or previously, will still be eligible to apply for locations close to their partners place of work which may be the CBD.

Six-month locum exemptions
Six-month exemptions will still be available to OTDs subject to the moratorium, whether you are looking for a locum or working on rotations through the inner suburbs with a corporate organisation.

It is possible that things may change in the future, but we have formal assurance from the Department of Health that there will be no changes to the above 19AB exemption for now.

If you are considering moving to a new clinic or need assistance with an exemption, contact Alecto Australia at [email protected] or +61 1800 604 332