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The Special Approved Placement Program (SAPP) will close to new applicants on the 1 July 2019. At the start of the year the Department of Health announced changes to all 3GA programs for Non-VR GPs and yesterday they announced the end of the SAPP.

The SAPP has assisted many Non-VR GPs over the past 16 years who had special circumstances, such as sick children, to work in the metropolitan areas so they could be close to the medical care they needed. Last year, the SAPP was opened to those GPs who required more general practice experience or who held limited registration, which saw an influx of applications. Now these GPs will be required to work on other 3GA programs such as MDRAP or PEP and relocate to MMM2+ areas.

What if I am planning to apply for the SAPP?

The Department has stated they will accept applications from those who were in employment negotiations prior to 1 July 2019, however they are likely to be very strict on these applications and there is no guarantee of an exemption.

What if I am currently on a SAPP placement?

Any current SAPP placements are still active, and you can continue to work on these until the end of your placement. You will also be eligible to apply for an extension at the end of your placement as long as you are still meeting your requirements.

Will any program replace the SAPP?

No, all Non-VR GPs are now being directed to the MDRAP or PEP

We at Alecto Australia support ongoing education and support programs for Non-VR GPs however we are disappointed in the cessation of the SAPP in its entirety as there are GPs who genuinely have special circumstances and need to be close to the metropolitan areas.

For more information on the SAPP, you can download the fact sheet here.