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We have been astounded by the hard work and dedication of our GPs throughout the past 12-18 months. You have worked relentlessly, putting up with COVID restrictions, extra stress – all without a proper holiday to help you unwind.

So, we wanted to say we are thinking of you and our team at Alecto has put together some ideas to help you spoil yourself:   

  • Take time out. This can be as simple as having a shower, take a few deep breaths, light a candle, or have a cup of tea (or wine if that’s allowed!)
  • Limit the amount of COVID-19 news you are watching so it doesn’t become overwhelming.  Twice a day for 10 minutes is probably the limit.
  • Stay grounded by tuning in to your 5 senses a couple of times a day: what things can you hear, see, smell, feel, taste? This is a great way to ground yourself and be mindful of the little things that are happening around you, despite the uncertainty.
  • Try a creative hobby, such as drawing, journaling, writing, cooking, singing, or dancing.
  • Schedule some mindfulness every day, such as breathing exercises or download a meditation app or podcast.
  • Stroke, cuddle, talk and play with your pet (if you have one). I find I can’t frown when I am playing with our dogs.  For Paola on our team, it was playtime with her bunny rabbits.
  • Think of a way you can engage in random acts of kindness. This will help those around you and strengthen your own sense of purpose and self-worth. A phone call, text, or email to a friend you haven’t see for a while, a special hand-made gift – even the smallest things count.
  • Try to engage in something that makes you laugh – a funny movie or Youtube video, tell silly jokes etc. Humour is an important coping strategy, and a good belly laugh does wonders for our sense of wellness

Lastly, we found this brilliant TED Talk about the importance of self care that we wanted to share with you all –

Now, I am off to drink some wine and eat some chocolate with a face mask in the bath – whilst my dog watches the food more lovingly than I look at my partner (It’s been a long lockdown)!