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Most GP practices use their website as a fishing net to ‘catch’ more patients.  However, GPs use websites to get a first impression of your practice when they are deciding where to work.  If they are not impressed by the website, we usually can’t get them to go to an interview.

So how do you find a GP in Australia? A vibrant, modern, and informative website can help your practice to stand out amongst the ‘vanilla practices’ out there.  Competition is fierce in the market and whether you are trying to attract a GP or new patients, your online presence will be your best tool for showcasing your culture and key strengths.

Most of us carry a phone, tablet or are sitting in front of a computer and technology is constantly at our fingertips.  The first thing that most people will do is look up your practice online, this is regardless of whether you are GP or a patient.  Having a slick, professional website is imperative, and the content displayed needs to be reflective of your physical practice.  Photographs and pictures on your website and marketing material need to be eye-catching, up to date, and relevant.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal, the content you communicate is equally as important. Make sure you include information on the “Four W’s” such as:

  • Who your health practitioners are
  • How you bill your patients
  • When your GPs are available
  • What special services and equipment are available

The style and organisation of your website will also communicate your culture and the way you embrace technology.

A GP considering moving practices will look at how you present yourself, and if you are marketing the practice well. This will influence their decision to join you as they will picture themselves being featured on the marketing.  Equally a patient considering attending your practice will also look at your website and be attracted or swayed by its content.  This will attribute to patient numbers being competitive and to a GP considering joining a practice, it can be a good indicator of earning potential for them.

Your online reputation can be the difference between a new patient making an appointment or being instantly dismissed because of something on the internet. Like it or not, your reputation online is out there for the world to see.