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All GP’s know Professional Indemnity insurance is a necessary requirement of the job.  But many GPs may find they are not sufficiently covered for a different type of insurance, being public indemnity insurance.

What is public indemnity insurance?

Public Indemnity insurance protects against injuries or damages which could occur outside of the medical treatment you provide. For example, if a patient was to fall or hurt themselves in your consulting room then this would not fall under professional indemnity insurance, but rather public indemnity.

Most practices and GPs assume they are covered for public indemnity by the practice’s policy. Therefore, when commencing at a practice, the doctor may not be asked to show proof that they hold their own public liability insurance.

Why are GPs not covered under the practice’s policy?

Generally, GPs are contracted as independent contractors. As they are not working as employees of the organisation, the GP may not be covered in some instances.

How do we know if a GP is covered for Public Indemnity Insurance or not?

The best thing to do is to double check your practice’s policy and confirm whether contractors are covered.

Nobody likes to pay for insurances however being aware of the nuances of your insurance policies is incredibly important to ensure you have not left yourself open to unnecessary risks.

If you have any questions, please contact your Medical Defence Organisation or your insurer.


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