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This month we will share some suggestions about how advertising may be helpful in building you patient base which you may not be aware of. There are multiple ways of advertising GP services, however, we thought we would get in touch with a GP to see what had worked for them.


Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising can be a helpful way to attract patients in the local area. Facebook allows you to choose from multiple options to ensure your advertisements are shown to the correct demographics. This also assists word of mouth and knowledge that your clinic is there, just make sure your Facebook page and photos are up to date! One GP who arrived from the UK has experienced great success from this useful advertising tool:

I think word of mouth is spreading more quickly…they are using their Facebook advertising strategically – they are using Facebook Boost to spread my Facebook ad more widely (I had never heard of Facebook Boost but it means my ad appears as a sponsored ad on people’s newsfeeds which is more effective than newspaper advertising – you can also see the ‘reach’ of the ad – last I heard over 2000 people had seen my ad with the number probably higher now).


Taking the direct approach

The direct approach can be time-consuming but it can also be very rewarding. Sending out texts to patients who haven’t visited in a while or who don’t have a regular GP can boost a new GPs patient numbers

The Practice owners have also texted all their patients to tell them I am the new doctor at the surgery. So, plenty of direct advertising.


Maintain your online presence

We come across many clinics who struggle to have the time to maintain their online presence or even to have one at all. However, there is evidence that it is very important when it comes to advertising in the current digital era:

  • Ensure your website is always up to date and advertise new GPs on your home page – Make sure it’s modern and easy to read.
  • If you are struggling to attract patients, you can always use Google AdWords if your budget allows for it as this is a great way to gain attention for the clinic

In summary, sometimes it can help spread the word about clinical services and help to access potential patients in the local area to quickly build the patient base of the clinic and GPs.