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Non-VR and subject to 19AA? You may have heard that the SAPP and RLRP will be closing in 2019.

The Department of Health have recently announced important and significant changes to the current 3GA programs as part of their Stronger Rural Health Strategy. We have put together some answers about these changes:

What is changing?

  • The Department of Health have introduced 3 new 3GA programs which are:
  • a. RACGP fellowship program
    b. ACCRM fellowship program
    c. More Doctors for Rural Australia Program (MDRAP)

  • The SAPP and RLRP programs will be discontinued sometime this year. The department have not yet advised what date these programs will cease but they will.

I am currently on a SAPP or RLRP, will I be affected?

  • If you have a current placement, your exemption will remain effective until the end of this placement. However, once you have completed your placement, if you have not achieved Fellowship, you will need to transition to another training program.

What about the AMDS?

  • It appears the AMDS 3GA program will continue, however there are rumours this could change in the future.

What is the MDRAP?

  • This new 3GA program is all about encouraging GPs to move to more rural and regional locations.
  • To be eligible for this program you would need to work in a Modified Monash 2+, hold registration with AHPRA and hold a job offer.

Can I still apply for the SAPP?

  • Yes, however we currently do not know when applications will cease to be accepted.

How can Alecto help?

We have an in house registration team that can assist you with finding the right pathway for you, for more information contact our Registration Manager Megan on 0452 644 764 or [email protected]. Look out for future blogs and updates.