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The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) has phased out the previous 19AB spousal exemptions for AGPT applicants, introducing the Rural Pathway Exemption in its place. This new exemption is designed to consider a broader range of special circumstances, ensuring more inclusive eligibility criteria for aspiring general practitioners.

What Has Changed?

Previously, the 19AB spousal exemptions allowed AGPT applicants to apply for spousal exemptions for the General Pathway if they had skilled spouses residing in metropolitan areas. However, in December we were advised the Department of Health would no longer be assessing AGPT applicants for spousal exemptions and instead the RACGP would be in charge of this process.

Applications for the Rural Pathway Exemption are processed directly through the RACGP. Prospective applicants can find more detailed information and apply through the RACGP’s dedicated AGPT Rural Pathway page (RACGP – AGPT Rural Pathway).

If you believe you may qualify for the Rural Pathway Exemption, it is crucial to review the specific criteria and prepare a detailed application highlighting how your circumstances align with the exemption’s requirements. If you would like to discuss your situation or need assistance with your application please feel free to contact Alecto’s registration team at [email protected]