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The results of our 2017 survey revealed what we have been hearing – 65% of billings generally yields higher earnings than 70%

Our 2017 GP salary survey highlighted some interesting facts that we had already started hearing from practices:

Of the GPs who are earning 65% of billings, half earn between $350,000 and $550,000 per annum. Whereas of those GPs earning 70% of billings, only 16% are earning between $350,000 and $550,000 per annum

We get a lot of calls from GPs who will not look at positions that offer less than 70% of billings because they wish to maximize their earnings, but sometimes they forget the clinics with higher percentages offers may not have the highest potential for earnings.

How do you determine if 65% will allow you to earn well?


Try asking questions that help you understand the business model and whether it is likely to generate good earnings. Here are some simple questions which we always ask:

  • What is their business model?
  • What do they do to generate increased patient numbers?
  • How do they market for new and existing doctors?
  • How many new patients does the clinic gain each month?
  • How do they support GPs to build their patient base?
  • What percentage of patients return to the practice?

All these aspects are likely to be more important than the % of billings as this is the reality behind earning well in your position.

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