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Recently we shared an update in relation to Replacement DPA/DWS exemptions and new considerations that were being taken into account by Medicare when assessing these applications.

With those new rules considered, practices reviewed their replacement exemptions and ticked all the boxes only to be rejected again.

The Department have explained that they will no longer consider Statuary Declarations with the words ‘foreseeable future’ written on them.  Statuary declarations will now need to ensure they are firm in their wording and leave no room for doubt that the departed GP will not be returning to work in the catchment that your practice is located in.

We understand that this may be difficult to ask GPs to sign a Statuary Declaration that says in no uncertain terms that they will never return. This is understandable as the catchment areas are large and no one ever knows what their future will hold and if they will move back to the area in the future – even if its with a different practice.

As a summary, for replacement exemptions you will need to ensure:

  • Your departed GP was working near to full time prior to leaving the clinic. This work also needs to be continuous. If the GP job in Australia was very part time, the exemption may not be granted as your service level was too low.
  • The departed GP needs to ensure they have closed their provider number and any others they may have in the local catchment area
  • The departed GP must now sign a statuary declaration that is clear that the GP will not be returning to work in private practice in that particular catchment.

Please Note: The Department have also just announced that extentions to 19AA and 19AB exemptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic will no longer be applied to provider numbers expiring after 31 October 2020

If you would like any assistance with application for replacement exemptions or other 19AB exemptions, please contact our Registration Manager, Megan, at [email protected]