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Martina Stanley, co-director of Alecto Australia, has been actively engaged with advocacy to improve some areas of the PEP Specialist Pathway. Most recently, she was involved with discussions with  AMRANZ and senior RACGP managers who have agreed to take this feedback on board and make some simple changes that will make a world of difference to applicants for the PEP Specialist Pathway.

We expect to see changes in the following improvements in the near future:

  • GPs will be able to apply for the RACGP membership while still overseas. This will speed up the process of the Part C application when they arrive onshore – shaving off about six weeks of waiting time after arriving in Australia.
  • Staff on the RACGP “Pathways Team” will identify themselves by name so that GPs can follow up on queries. In the past, emails were often not signed off with any individual identification. We are hoping that in future they will also provide contact details.
  • Processing of Part A applications is likely to be sped up slightly but official waiting time is still “up to 10 weeks”.

If you’d like to share your experiences on this topic, please email Martina at [email protected]