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Possible changes to the Specialist Pathway

The RACGP has indicated possible changes to the Specialist pathway which could result in significant delays for UK applicants. If you make the move now, you may be able to gain specialist registration under the current system.

RACGP changes for UK GPs are expected as the the RACGP recently released an external consultation document summarising their review of the Specialist Pathway Program, which is used by UK GPs looking for jobs in Australia.

There are a number of changes in the new process, most notable the removal of FAEG. Many of the details have not been finalised or announced at this stage.

The RACGP have indicated that the new application process will begin from the 3rd quarter of the year, we understand this to mean from the 1st of July 2017 (we have sought clarification on this and other parts of the RACGP changes).

The RACGP have indicated that there will be delays to the process of applications received in coming months, as such we are advising all candidates and clients that the relocation process for UK GPs will likely take an extra 3 or more months.

Want to find out more?

If you would like to know more about the RACGP changes and how they will impact UK GPs please contact us.

We understand that moving to a new Job in Australia is a huge undertaking, even at the best of times. While there will be challenges ahead we are committed to minimising the impact of these changes to both our GPs and our clients. Our local network of contacts, 6 years of experience recruiting UK GPs, and our strong relationships with the best practices in Australia – will help us deliver on this promise.

As we learn more about the RACGP changes and the removal for FAEG we will be in contact with all our clients and candidates.