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RACGP changes delayed for 12 months

Megan Lewis our Registration Manager attended the recent AMRANZ forum in Sydney on Thursday 18 May 2017. With key speakers including representatives from RACGP and AHPRA, we have some fantastic news for GPs!

“As such we are confident that UK  GPs will not experience a reduction in their earnings for the first 6 months as was previously thought.”

RACGP changes delayed

The RACGP has considered feedback received from the industry including Alecto Australia on the proposed changes to the Specialist Pathway. The RACGP are understanding and open about the predicted challenges and are working with us to ensure there are no adverse effects for specialist GPs. The main updates on this process are:

  • The RACGP are working with other regulatory bodies to ensure that substantially comparable GPs will be able to bill A1 rates whilst completing the initial 6 months in Australia prior to receiving FRACGP. They will not make any changes until it is ensured that this is possible. As such we are confident that UK GPs will not experience a reduction in their earnings for the first 6 months as was previously thought. 
  • The Government is seeing an ‘increase’ in Australian Medical Graduate. Due to this increase, they believe that there will not be enough hospital internships and therefore these graduates will turn to General Practice. Meaning the amount of Overseas Trained GPs required will be less. We and others in the industry believe that this is incorrect and Overseas Trained GPs remain essential and very much in demand within the General Practice space.
  • The new pathway will look at experience, professional development and training completed instead of just a qualification to assess competency.
  • The FAEG will be abolished. Category 1 GPs will work for 6 months and then be granted FRACGP. The supervision requirements are being reviewed as they realise not all practices can provide onsite supervision. Overall the supervision is not expected to be challenging but will vary depending on the GPs competency.
  • At present, the expected timeframes are a partial implementation in July 2018 and full implementation in January 2019. However, this will not go ahead until A1 (higher medicare rebates) rates can be assured.

AHPRA update

  • AHPRA are currently revising their processes to ensure national consistency through everything from documents to customer service.
  • Medical processes will be nationalised from Mid-June with the medical registration teams undertaking national training
  • They are reviewing all application forms to create an easier process and a better experience for applicants
  • AHPRA are also in the process of testing an online application process which will be rolled out in the near future
  • The investigation into a revalidation system is still ongoing

These two main updates bring with them some very positive news for General Practice. If you would like to know more information please feel free to contact our Registration Manager Megan at [email protected]