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What you need to know about QI & CPD for 2017

The RACGP have recently released the new Quality Improvement and Continuing Professional Development (QI&CPD) Program for the 2017-19 triennium.

Those that attended the Melbourne General Practitioner Conference and Exhibition in Melbourne may have attended the key note session on the changes in the 2017-19 triennium.

 A Breakdown of your 130 points:

  • One Category 1 activity
  • One CPR
  • PLAN (Planning, Learning and Need) Quality Improvement activity

 What is PLAN?

Planning, Learning and Need (PLAN) which equals 40 out of your 130 points. It is focused on self-evaluation and assessment and is an online activity through your MyRACGP account. The RACGP have created PLAN to try and improve the quality of practice and patient experience whilst encourage you to continue your development in line with your career aspirations.

There are 5 steps to the program, including

  • Writing a practice profile and self-assessment of your practice and aspirations, which should be completed at the start of 2017
  • Evaluating the practice profile and identifying your development needs and key areas to improve
  • Completing activities based on your identified areas of improvement requirements
  • Reflecting and planning on the Triennium.

The details of this can be found at

However, there is now chatter that the PLAN element may not go ahead due to the RACGP’s failure to consult with CPD participants and stakeholders in regards to the new requirement. The AMA vice-president Dr Tony Bartone stated to the Australian Doctor that the AMA were not consulted in regards to PLAN, “We are profession-led and I think doctors would expect changes to CPD to be discussed and debated before they are imposed”.

PLAN is a unique CPD requirement, which may come as a big change to some GPs. While the college means well by creating this new requirement in the QI&CPD Program and it is said to be a response to the call for revalidation requirements, what do you think?

Australian Doctor, College’s CPD reform in Doubt, 8th November 2016