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The first few months settling into Australia can be a very exciting and nerve racking time. From looking for a house, unpacking your shipping container – to urgent trips to the shops looking for those items you forgot to bring with you.

For General Practitioners it’s compounded by all of the additional medical forms, indemnity insurance, Medicare applications – not to mention familiarising yourself with a new medical system all together.  Needless to say most GPs take a few months to settle in before they start thinking about whether they plan to stay in Australia long term.

Many GPs come to Australia with the intent of making this their long term home.  This is very achievable as most Australian migration agents will tell you that you can apply for Permanent residency as soon as you arrive (provided you have FRACGP faeg).

As a GP once you have PR you can save on school fees, more easily buy a house, and access Medicare for free public healthcare.

There are excellent tools available including helpful migration agents that specialise in helping General practitioners with this very delicate transition for them and their families.  Alecto partners with registered migration agents that can provide these services.  For highly regarded migration assistance please contact Allison on +61 404460003