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AHPRA has officially added MTEC (Institute of Medical Education) to its list of accredited PESCI providers.

This is good news for hundreds of IMGs who have been frustrated by their inability to get PESCI interviews” says Martina Stanley, Director Alecto Australia.  “In recent times, waiting times for PESCI have been up to 12 months for each session”

Many doctors needs multiple attempts to pass the exam, so overall processing time for a non VR doctor to start work have blown out to about 24 months.

Alecto Australia and AMRANZ have been advocating for the past two years to see some changes to the system and we are hopeful that this will result in some improvements.

“Doctors wanting to get an appointment for a PESCI exam should act quickly as waiting times for the new service will increase as doctors become aware that this service is available” adds Ms Stanley.

Contact Alecto for any further information.