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After years of working with GPs across Australia, we keeping see how much impact good Practice Managers have on the success and well being of GPs.  When you are looking for a new job, check to make sure that you will be supported by a “dream team”  including a supportive and competent practice manager

One of our GPs went from seeing 6 patients a day to being fully booked through the active support of his practice manager.

Another of our GPs based in Perth pointed out what happens when you don’t have a great Practice Manager:

A weak PM can have a ripple effect across the practice. They are the ‘captain’ of the ship that creates the culture and morale that runs through all elements of the practice.

 Patients can sense when a practice can seem disorganised from the moment they walk through the door.  It is the PM’s job to ensure the practice looks and feels organised, this includes having friendly organised staff on reception, being on top of the GP’s booking/appointment system, the cleanliness of the practice, dealing with IT issues, the list is endless but a good PM knows what is needed and if they are organised and have a good team behind them who they can delegate tasks to, then the practice can run like clockwork making it a whole lot easier for the GPs. They are the nucleus of a practice and its efficiency 

At the helm of every successful practice is a driven practice manager

At Alecto Australia we strive to get to know individual practices so that we can provide GPs with guidance on how to get the best support. 

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