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Many GPs are hesitant to move to a new practice during these uncertain times. Long-term lockdowns have kept patients away from health facilities and forced GPs to provide a large number of services by telehealth, resulting in seismic changes for General Practice. To answer the question asked by many GPs, we thought we would look at the reasons for and against starting a new GP job:

Benefits of moving to a new practice

  • Patient Influx: Good GPs will never have an issue building up a patient base. However due to COVID-19, some patients have put off seeing their GP which means there will be an influx of patients once restrictions start to ease.
  • Winter season: Commencing a position at this time of year has always been the ideal for GPs. You can commence at a practice and start building up a patient base just prior to the busiest time of year.
  • The best jobs available: As a lot of GPs are staying put in their current roles, you might just land the job of your dreams. Only the most robust practices are recruiting at these times, so you can be sure of a good job.
  • Some geographic areas have remained busier than others: In Melbourne, for example, GP practices in the Western suburbs have been relatively busy throughout the lockdown, whereas the Eastern suburbs have seen a greater drop in patient numbers.

Hurdles to moving to a new practice

  • Lower patient numbers: Whilst some practices are reporting that they are running with a decrease of 30% in patient numbers, other practice are doing well and patient numbers are steady. It is important to ensure the practice you are moving to is well managed and has good patient demand.
  • Relationship building: Relationships are difficult to develop when working remotely and providing telehealth services. It will be hard to make those important first connections. 
  • Induction: It can be difficult to learn the new ropes of the practice the same way you would under normal circumstances i.e. have people on hand to ask questions or ‘shadow’, get assistance from another GP etc. due to social distancing restraints.

If you are considering moving to a new practice, contact us for a confidential chat about your situation and if this would be the right time to move. Contact us at [email protected]