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Give yourself a better chance by working exclusively with a recruiter.

You are a qualified professional and deserve to be recognised as such, but lots of medical recruiters now just simply ‘spam’ GP CVs to a dozen practices without thinking about making a good match. We believe that GP recruitment should operate as a professional industry that recognises your individual needs and skills.

Here’s what we can do to help you avoid being part of the ‘meat factory’ approach.

When you give us a chance to work with you exclusively for two weeks, we will commit to finding you the best job with the best available match for your needs and preferences. If you give us a priority position you can be assured that we will make you our priority, and allocate more of our resources to finding you the perfect role.

If you are working with multiple recruiters, we have to respond by submitting your CV as quickly as possible to lots of practices who might not be a good match for you.  Your CV also might get sent to the same practice by multiple recruiters – which isn’t a great look.

  • Get the best match
    Get a recruiter’s full attention. When you show you are committed to their efforts in finding the right job for you, they will do just that. If you grace them two to three weeks to find you the best job going, you can be assured that they will make you their priority, and allocate more of their resources into finding you the perfect role.
  • Keeps your details confidential: The more agencies you work with, the greater the risk
    A good recruiter should only submit your CV to a practice if:
    a) we know you are interested in the position and would like to find out more
    b ) you meet the practice’s requirements and are a good match for their culture
    c) you are able to get a provider number for that location
  • Saves time Trying to coordinate interviews (particularly across different time zones) can often be a time-consuming task. We know your time is valuable. Working with one agency will mean you are only presented with opportunities that will be a good match based on the information you have provided. Trying to organise an interview with 10 practices based purely on location only wastes times for all parties involved.
  • You increase your worth by avoiding oversaturation in the market
    If you are working with a recruiter who adopts a “scattergun” approach, there is a likelihood that you have a multitude of recruiters sending your CV out to all their contacts within a 50km radius. This not only devalues your worth by making you appear as though you will go for any job that comes along, it puts your sense of commitment into question. We pride ourselves on avoiding this “meat-factory” culture, but it does exist.
  • Gives you access to specialist skills
    When working with a niche recruitment agency, you can be sure that all their resources are being put into the field that you are working in. They know the workforce, they know their clients and they know how to get the best offer for you.

Do yourself a favour and give yourself the best chance at securing the best role by working exclusively with one specialist.