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The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is set to implement several changes to its PEP Specialist Stream program effective from July 1, 2024. These updates are designed to better accommodate the unique needs of internationally trained specialists and streamline their transition into the Australian healthcare system.

So, what do these changes include?

Part A, B and C Application

  • Comparability Assessment
    • The RACGP has expanded the recognition of international medical qualifications, increasing the number of curricula deemed ‘eligible’ for the pathway. They no longer list which are substantially or partially comparable, they are combined in one list.
    • CV Uploads – The ability to upload your CV as a PDF file instead of writing it all from scratch through their online system
    • Automated Tracking – Candidates are now able to track their applications in real time through the process
    • Reduced CPD evidence – The requirements for CPD have been simplified
  • Overall communication
    • The RACGP have advised that they improved their communication channels for quicker responses to queries.
  • Job Offer Approval
    • Upload your letter of offer and contract

Program Delivery (When you are working)

  • Initial Competency Assessment
    • The introduction of an Early Assessment for Safety and Learning (EASL) through a tailored multiple-choice questionnaire helps to assess applicants’ needs and is used to develop a tailored learning plan.
    • Partially Comparable GPs will also be required to complete an orientation webinar
  • Induction Meeting with your mentor
  • Focused Learning Sessions
    • Reflective essays have been replaced with small group learning sessions, led by medical educators. These sessions are designed to address common challenges and foster peer learning and support.
  • Reduction in Workplace Based Assessments
    • The program now requires fewer workplace-based assessments, focusing on quality over quantity to provide more meaningful and manageable feedback. GPs will complete their six WBAs over three direct observation sessions.
  • Changes also include a shift towards direct observation in real practice settings.
  • Partially comparable GPs will also need to complete two clinical cases to be used in a group learning format.

Fee Increase

  • In response to these program enhancements, there has been an increase in fees to $11,900.
  • Recognizing the financial burden this may place on GPs, Alecto has reached out to the RACGP to discuss potential solutions, such as a payment plan. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the RACGP has not yet responded to these inquiries.
  • Alecto is also working with Partners to develop short term finance solutions that will assist candidates to make payments before they start working.

For more detailed information about these changes, including application guidelines and fee structures, please visit the RACGP’s official page on the PEP Specialist Stream: RACGP PEP Specialist Transition.

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