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The best practices are focussed on turning their patients into ‘raving fans’. Other practices might have satisfied customers, but its the ‘raving fans’ that are most likely to talk about your quality services and help you build a strong reputation.

  • Train the best team: Your team will get to interact with your patients so train your staff to present a great first impression and address patients’ questions. Your staff should not only know about the services you provide but also offer specific details such as pricing, equipment used during procedures, what to expect during a consult, etc.
  • Follow up with patients: Most of the practices spend about 90 percent of their resources to attract new patients. However, retaining existing patients is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to grow your practice. Also, nurturing relationships with existing patients will increase referrals.
  • Deliver quality service: There is no way your patients will refer your practice to others if they aren’t satisfied with your attitude and services. Your manner and the look and feel of your clinic are extremely important. If you communicate well with your patients and make your presence positive and uplifting you will reap the results.
  • Be flexible: Your opening hours and appointment schedule must suit that of your patients. If your patients need early morning appointments, lunchtime or evening hours won’t work for them. You have to make appointments available at their convenience.
  • Ask for references: Patients usually don’t refer unless you ask. The simplest way to ask for references is to inform your existing patients that you have room for new patients or that you are adding new services. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations and don’t forget to thank them for referrals.
  • Re-engage past patients: Set up a system for monitoring patient appointments and sending reminders to those who have been missing their appointments for a particular period. Even if a patient seems reluctant to return to your practice, you might convince them to come back with a few small gestures.