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Most GPs would probably agree that they would love to make more money. After years of medical school and intense training, we all hope to reap the rewards after years of hard work and dedication to make a difference. Most doctors see General Practice as providing a service for a set fee of say $37. The reality is, there are so many ways to not only earn more money, but hold on… provide better quality care to patients!

Medicare is set up in a way that encourages doctors to address all of their patient’s health concerns (not just one or two issues at a time). For GPs arriving from overseas or moving to metropolitan areas from the bush, there seems to be a misconception that the more patients you see, the more likely you are to increase your salary. I’m sorry to say you’ve been misinformed.

The reality is asking patients the right questions, means better outcomes for the patient and your pocket. There are resources available to help GPs that have just arrived to Australia, or are looking for a bit of a refresher on how to ask the right questions, to obtain the best outcomes. We at Alecto are able to provide an excellent resource for Doctors looking for this kind of support.

Call Allison on 404 460 003 or email [email protected] for a confidential discussion. If you are currently looking for a position please visit our job search page for a list of our current vacancies.