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In an era of growing patient choice, a reputation for running a pleasant and efficient practice is essential. Keeping your patients happy and healthy and more importantly, returning to your practice or promoting your practice to new patients is crucial as there is a lot of competition around. There are many ways you can appeal to your patient audience and we have highlighted a number of things you can consider for marketing your practice

  • Get listed in local online directories: More than 70 percent of people searching for medical professionals make their selection based on local listings in online directories such as Google, Health Engine, White Pages, etc. Listing your practice in an online local directory is a great way to steer targeted traffic to your website
  • Build a mobile-responsive website: Having a modern and easy-to-use website is critical for the growth of your practice and for attracting new patients. Make sure your website is responsive and works equally well on mobile devices. The objective of your practice website is to educate your potential patients, so they can make an informed decision and call your clinic for an appointment. Creating a relevant and informational website is probably the most important marketing tool at your disposal.
  • Post real pictures of your staff: Personalise your practice website and make it an extension of your clinic. Instead of using stock and generic photos on your practice website and social media profiles, post real-life pictures of your team and office. Real-life images will display the comfort of your clinic and add some personality to your practice website.
  • Stay active on social media: When your current patients “like” or “share” your content on social media, their entire social circle sees it. That can direct user traffic to your page and may help generate leads. The trick is to share informational content that is relevant to your target users so that more and more people feel motivated to share your content i.e. Facebook page
  • Generate media exposure: The right amount of media exposure can attract a large volume of new patients and increase the branding of your practice. Generating media exposure requires time, effort and a thorough understanding of how each media works. When done properly, media exposure can bring tremendous results for your practice.  If you have specialist clinics within the practice i.e. skin cancer promote this to the local market

The list is endless but if you put some of the time and effort suggested above and you should feel the impact that this has on your patient audience. If you need advice for marketing your practice, please get in touch via [email protected]