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Whatever pathway you have completed, Alecto wishes to pass on our congratulations to all the new GPs who have achieved their recent Fellowship.  Receiving your FRACGP recognition, for many GPs, represents the true starting point of their General Practitioner career.


What now?

For GPs who have completed their medical degree in Australia and proceed to FRACGP, there are considerations around where you may now like to establish your longer-term career.  Many factors come into play here, such as location, patient demographics, opportunities to develop your clinical expertise in areas such as skin cancer, women’s health, allergies, integrative medicine, size of the practice and the ‘vibe’ in the practice. Whether you are simply putting out your feelers or would like to explore different options for your career development, Alecto has a well-established network of practices nationally to broaden your horizons.

For GPs who have trained overseas and have recently Fellowed, there are some extra layers of complexity to consider when moving forward with your career. Many GPs have already spent a substantial number of years in rural or regional practices whilst completing their training. It’s often with a sigh of relief, that once Fellowship has been conferred, there are more opportunities to move into metropolitan locations or MM1 areas.

Whilst it is true that some metropolitan locations can accommodate recently Fellowed GPs who are still bound by their 10 year moratorium via the use of DPA replacement positions, it is important to recognise that these positions are somewhat rare and highly competitive. DPA replacement positions generally exist in the outer areas of metropolitan cities, because they have previously been in DPA locations.

Alternatives to DPA replacements may involve moving closer to your desired metropolitan centre and working in an MM1 DPA practice. Roles in these areas are often in desirable regional areas. Housing is more affordable than in the major capital cities and living and working in the area ensures a shorter commute to work with a subsequent outcome of a better work-life balance. Practices in these regional areas may be bulk, mixed, or private billing.

A final option is to work in a more remote area. Depending on the MM rating of the area, sometimes there are additional government financial incentives to work in a remote location.  Furthermore, working in the higher MM rating areas can offer incentives around reductions in your moratorium timeframe – refer to moratorium and scaling for further information. Country living may also simply provide you with the lifestyle you come to enjoy away from the hustle and bustle of city living.

Whatever direction your career takes you in, Alecto once again wishes to congratulate you on your achievement.

If you would like to discuss your next career move, contact us for a confidential discussion at [email protected]