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A recent study conducted by Indeed has concluded what we have been saying all along. GPs have the highest salaries and most difficult to fill positions in Australia.

GPs ranked the highest on the list of 15 professions followed by veterinarians.  The average salary is listed as $269,800 and $83,243 for veterinarians.

Indeed has determined that the reason for this is due to few medical graduates choosing to specialise in general practice because of the lower earning potential compared to other specialties.

This is a workforce issue that Alecto have been addressing for several years which has progressively gotten worse due to ongoing restrictions placed on overseas trained doctors over the past 12 months.

A further ‘General Practitioner Workforce Report 2019’ confirms that Australia is heading towards a major GP shortage due to ongoing restrictions on overseas-trained doctors. The study predicts a shortage of 9,300 full time equivalent GPs by 2030.

It is encouraging to see this topic in the media recently.  We hope this has some impact of workforce policies in Australia in the future. One can only hope!

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