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If you are hesitating to join a new practice because you fear they won’t be able to accommodate your needs, we have good news for your family needs.

A lot of GP parents are hesitating to make a career move because they think practices won’t want to accommodate a recent mum or dad who are the primary carers for their children.

The good news is, we work with a lot of practices who are happy to be flexible with hours. At the same time, more GPs are getting nannies and can juggle the commitments of parenthood more easily, while maintaining a professional career.

The good news about being a GP parent:

  • Many practices are happy to accommodate part-time hours – particularly if you are looking to do at least 24 hours per week
  • For mothers, practices know that women are naturally quick to build up their patient base, and will take this into consideration
  • Contributing to the weekend roster not only boosts your income, it also makes it easier for the practice to accommodate the activities that come with being a parent, such as reading at the school, athletics carnivals etc. It also allows the practice to be more flexible with their roster

The good news about household support

  • After-school programs are common place in schools and usually operate from 6:30am to 6:30pm
  • Au Pairs and nannies are becoming increasingly popular in Australia as they can offer more flexible childcare and household support than other traditional means.
  • Many practices will happily accommodate school hours if it means they are getting a committed GP in return

If you are not sure if a practice would be able to accommodate your situation or you are looking for a position contact Hanniel on +61 404 460 003 or [email protected] to see how she can help. She is experienced at juggling full-time work with four kids and will be more than sympathetic to your situation.