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Are you a NZ GP with FRNZCGP and thinking of moving across the Tasman? Becoming a General Practitioner in Australia is a lot simpler for our New Zealand counterparts and we can offer a range of fantastic GP jobs around the country to help you find the role that suits your lifestyle perfectly. There are some paperwork requirements when moving from New Zealand and our dedicated registration team will be on hand to help make this process as seamless as possible.

If you are a New Zealand trained GP who holds FRNZCGP, then we have compiled a few of the most frequently asked questions about your pathway to working in Australia

1.      How do NZ trained GPs get recognised in Australia?

You will need to commence working under the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) PEP Specialist Program to obtain FRACGP for your first 6-12 months in Australia. But don’t worry, GPs were a NZ citizen or Permanent Resident on their first day of medical school, do not have the same restrictions as other international medical graduates.

2.      Will I need to complete exams?

No, no exams are required for NZ GPs working in Australia. You will complete a workplace based assessment and some other components such as patient survey’s to complete the PEP Specialist Program, however the GPs we have worked with have all reported that these tasks have not been time intensive

3.      Will I require supervision?

Yes, for the initial period under the PEP Specialist stream, prior to be granted FRACGP, you will be working under Level 3 supervision which requires that there is a supervisor in at least telephone or video link contact

4.      Are there restrictions on where I can work?

If you were a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident when you started medical school, you are considered a Australian Medical Graduate and therefore have no restrictions on the location you can work.

If you hold FRNZCGP and you were NOT a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident when you commenced medical school, then you would be subject to the international medical graduate rules and be required to work in a Distribution Priority Area for your 10 year moratorium

5.      Do I need a visa?

If you are a NZ citizen, you are most likely eligible for a Special Category visa which will allow you to work and live in Australian indefinitely. If you are not a citizen then you will need to apply for a working visa in Australia.

6.      How much do GPs earn in Australia?

If you’re considering work as a GP in Australia, then you’ll naturally be curious about the salary of a general practitioner in Australia.

According to our most recent GP salary survey (December 2021), the average GP compensation for doctors who work seven or more sessions per week is $253,000 (full time). The average annual compensation for part-time GPs working six sessions or fewer per week is $194,000 per year.

For more information on GP Salaries in Australia, see our 2021 GP Salary Survey results here


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