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You have engaged a recruiter to find you a new GP for your clinic, how do you make sure your recruiter does a good job for you?

You probably are painfully aware of this but there are good and bad recruiters – and it isn’t always easy to work out which is which.
You can research your recruiters before you work with them to ensure they provide you with a quality service. If you work with an experienced recruiter and manage them well – you will get better results.

What should you look at when choosing a recruiter?

  •  Ask about their approach – Some recruiters may spam you with CVs instead of listening to your needs and matching the right candidate for your job
  • Ensure there are incentives for the recruiter to work with you – For example, we recommend only using 1 or 2 recruiters. If you were to work with 5 recruiters, there is no incentive for the recruiter to send a CV to you because odds are you have already heard of that GP through another recruiter. It’s just not worth the effort as all GP recruiters only get paid on success. On the other hand, it also creates the heightened competitiveness which means you WILL get spammed with CVs as recruiters try to get in first with each GP.
  • Check the inclusions that your recruiter offers you – Make sure you know exactly how much support you will receive for registration and transition to Australia. Some recruiters reduce their fees but also don’t provide a comprehensive service.


What is the Alecto Difference?

At Alecto Australia, we focus on personalised long-term recruitment:

  • We work to ensure that the GP will be the best fit for your individual clinic and that they will be happy there as well. We are not looking for GPs who will end up moving from clinic to clinic every 3-6 months. Our aim is to find GPs who will stay 2 years or more – unless otherwise specified
  • You will receive free advice on anything to do with recruitment and registration.
  • We guide the GP through a step-to-step registration process and provide the GP with ongoing support and connections to ensure a smooth transition through our Alecto Connect program

Alecto Australia are specialists in GP recruitment because this is all we do. We do not do hospital recruitment for locums or specialists. We keep up to date with the sector through our recruitment and consulting work. We also offer standalone services such as exemption and registration support for GPs you have recruited yourself.

Contact Alecto Australia for comprehensive, transparent, quality and inclusive services at [email protected]