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Comparing GP salaries is a big concern for GPs moving from the UK to Australia. For example, are you worried about exchange rates for your salary? Let us help put it all in perspective by investigating GP Salaries in Australia compared to UK salaries.

Many GPs who are moving to Australia often do believe they will get paid a lot less than they were in the UK because of the falling Australian Dollar. However this is not true. Although the Australian Dollar may be a lot lower, the cost of living in Australia remains the same. This is, it is a lot cheaper than the UK.  Want to see jobs that are suitable for GPs relocating to Australia?

UK vs Australian Dollar

To weigh up GP salaries in Australia compared to the UK fairly, we need to consider the cost of living in each country, including housing, food, transport and other expenses. For example, if you are living in London and looking to rent a one- bedroom apartment in the city centre, you would be looking at around 1,717 GBP (3,054 AUD) per month. Whereas if you were looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in Melbourne’s city centre, this would cost around 1101 GBP (1,959 AUD).  This is a massive 43% cheaper! Costs such as transport passes, utilities, gas are also very cheap in comparison to the UK.

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Comparing GP Salary: Australia vs UK

One of the other main concerns our GPs have when moving from the UK to Australia is that they are going to be paid less than what they were in the UK. However many find they can actually double their GP salaries in Australia compared to the UK.

In Australia, the median GP salary in our experience is about $250K to $300K (140K to 160K GBP). However this all depends on how your contract is set up. In Australia you will often earn a percentage of your billings. The more patients you see, the more you will earn. The average Australian salary for those working full time is around $74K (41,606 GBP). Given the cost of living, those earning a GP salary have a lot more buying power.

When looking at GP salaries in Australia compared to UK GP salaries, it is clear that a range of factors influence this, however, in Australia you will earn more and the cost of living is lower. Not to mention Australia’s gorgeous beaches, holiday spots and more relaxed lifestyle!


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