Business Building


At Alecto, we look at the basic building blocks of your business and provide you with analysis and solutions to build your GP practice.

Operating a medical practice in the current environment can be challenging and, in spite of what others think, the margins are ‘paper thin’. As you know, there is little margin for error and lots of need for innovation and business improvement.

Maybe you are frustrated with some of the business advisors you have accessed in the past because they don’t understand your business and the solutions they present may really only work in theory.

We help you optimise your revenue

We have a healthy track record of supporting clients to boost their income and profits.

Because we work with GPs and GP practices every single day, we have expertise and real world experience to recommend solutions that get results. We can also provide practice owners with fresh perspectives, informed insights and trend-spotting about general practice to help you with your longer term decision making and planning.

Recruit quality medical staff

You know that the success of your practice depends on having the best nurses and GPs to provide the best service. You also know the red-tape hurdles of recruiting quality GPs – particularly those trained in the UK, NZ or elsewhere outside of Australia.

We are specialists in medical recruitment and experts in keeping current with requirements at the AMC, AHPRA and Medicare. We have placed more than 50 clinically competent doctors across Australia, and pride ourselves on sourcing great doctors with patient–rapport who can complement existing GP teams and grow your practice.

Set up your medical practice

Are you considering buying or leasing your own GP practice? We apply business intelligence and practice set up tools to support the establishment and growth of your business. We can expertly guide you through:

Growth strategy

Are you ready to grow your practice? What paths are most promising? Your best approach will reflect your level of comfort with risk, your practice’s capabilities and timing imperatives. We provide tailored health analytics and business strategy to inform your decision-making on alternative growth options.

Featured work

Sydney–based client: Revenue optimisation

Our Sydney-based client opened an inner urban practice three years ago. The practice was struggling to be financially viable even though patient loyalty and new patient growth were strong.

The client asked Alecto Australia to provide strategic direction on improving the bottom line. We interviewed staff, management and finance officers to analyse performance against industry benchmarks. We analysed their books, data and local demographics to identify tailored business and marketing activities to attract a staff and patient mix that would optimise their revenue.

Within months of implementing our advice, our client was recording monthly savings in the order of tens of thousands, a clearer strategic focus, and improved staff morale.

Development of new pilot project results in increased services

We worked with our client to consolidate and expand after hours primary care services in their local catchment. The project capitalised on Alecto Australia’s technical consulting skills, as well as our business nous. We support the project by:

Within six months, the pilot project had delivered over 2000 additional GP after hours locally, with roll-out of funding principles extended to other practices in the catchment.