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We have recently seen some GP Clinics experience an inexpensive facelift by implementing some simple ideas. If you are getting too accustomed to the look of your practice, you might be overlooking the need to freshen things up.

1.      Replacing worn or rusted signage out front

Signage is the first thing your patients will see when approaching the practice. When we point out dilapidated features to practice owners they comment that they hadn’t even noticed the general wear and tear.


2.      Change the lighting fixtures

This is a simple change that can instantly update the look and feel of your practice. Changing from stark, fluorescent tubes to a series of warmer down lights is an effective way of updating a practice’s look


3.      Improving the space with plants

Plants not only look nice, they also improve the air quality and make patients feel more comfortable. Some of the top 5 plants for improving a space include: English Ivy, Chinese Evergreen, Peace Lily and Bamboo Palm


4.      Rendering brickwork or new paint work

Exposed brickwork can look quite stark and uninviting. At a cost of approximately $30m², rendering is a great way to give a practice front a much-needed facelift. If you do not have brickwork, a simple coat of new paint can freshen the whole building up.


5.      Using modern artwork

If your practice still has posters of Norm from the “Life. Be in it” campaign adorning your walls, it may be time for an update. Vibrant and energetic prints can be sourced easily and inexpensively online. If you want to support local artists, you could even look at places like for a local original.


6.      Updating Google pictures

If you have already put in the hard yards to bring your practice into the 21st century, make sure you put pictures on Google so that all your patients and prospective patients can see how great your practice looks.


Next time you come into work, take a look with fresh eyes and see if there is something you could breathe new life into!