Working conditions in Australia vs the UK

24 March 2017 | UK/Ireland GPs | 2 minutes read

Working conditions in Australia vs the UK


While GP salary levels often look similar between Australia and the UK, salary information may be misleading because people fail to consider that working conditions are very different. Less hours, more pay and a different approach to general practice are just a few reasons why working as a GP in Australia may be better than working in the NHS.

Less hours per week

In Australia you can work 35-40 hours per week and be considered full time. GPs in the UK often work longs hours, staying back outside of shifts to complete paperwork. Paperwork is included within these hours and best of all practices allow flexibility with hours worked and are considerate of those who have small children.

When GPs arrive in Australia they report how much changing from 60-70 hours per week to 35-40 hours per week has changed their lives. While most practices also ask that GPs do some after hours work, this is usually quite a small commitment such as one in two Saturday mornings.

Choice of patient numbers

GPs have a say over how many patients they see per hour, due to the way the Medicare system is set up in Australia. This in turn means that GPs have more control over their salary as they get paid per patient. If they choose to work more then they will earn more but the choice is theirs.

And that’s not all…

Hours and patient numbers are just the beginning when it comes to working conditions in Australia. Here are a few more reasons why GPs are better off in Australia than the UK:

  • GPs in Australia are rarely required to complete home visits. GPs can chose to make home visits however it’s not required
  • Referrals to specialists are generally much easier in Australia
  • As a contractor, GPs can claim many things on tax as a business expense
  • The average holidays per year is 5-6 weeks, allowing UK GPs to go back home for a visit

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