Why the GP shortage in WA means opportunities for GPs?

16 July 2018 | Australian GPs, Clinic Owners and Practice Managers, UK/Ireland GPs | 3 minutes read

Why the GP shortage in WA means opportunities for GPs?

WA has a “critical shortage” of GPs that is set to worsen. Western Australia is already 500 GPs short of what it needs to care for its population and this figure is likely to increase in the coming years according to recent report from the Department of Health.

If we look at our future trends we can see that more than 640 GPs are expected to leave the workforce by 2021, including over 100 in rural practices, which means that by 2025 will see the state short by 975 GPs!

The report findings highlights several key issues including:

  • The median age of GPs in Western Australia is 55 so many are looking at retirement or reducing hours.
  • Doctors are now wanting to work fewer hours, taking on a healthier work/life balance and so the headcount of GPs will need to rise in order to provide the same level of service.
  • There is ongoing population growth throughout the state with a predicted increase in the level of GP services.

WA now needs two replacement GPs for every retiring doctor as well as about 500 GPs to cover the current shortfall

This creates a wave of opportunity for GPs considering a move to Australia or across the continent.

Apart from being a great place to work, there are many advantages that Perth as a big city can offer, with great facilities and a cultural scene, that is also small and friendly. With a population of 2 million, less than half of Sydney, it doesn’t feel crowded. Many people can afford larger homes in the suburbs which are well-linked to the CBD by train. Rent and house prices are lower than any of the larger cities on the East Coast.

Most of Australia is sunny, but it’s Perth that wins the honour for the sunniest city. With 3,200 hours of sunshine a year, it’s a sunny and cheerful place to live.  From huge areas of bushland, to beautiful beaches, there’s a great balance between the city and the outdoors. You can choose from a wide range of locations, whether you want to live by the coast, the river or more rural, you will still only be a short and easy commute to work.

If you’re a GP and seriously thinking about a move to, then Western Australia could be an excellent choice. With your skills in demand and a job guaranteed plus facilities that rival those in Melbourne and Sydney, it’s an ideal choice.

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