What happens if DWS changes before you start work in a practice?

22 March 2018 | Australian GPs, Clinic Owners and Practice Managers, UK/Ireland GPs | 2 minutes read

What happens if DWS changes before you start work in a practice?

Simply don’t worry if this happens.

This time a year is filled with uncertainty as we are currently waiting for the DWS map to change. GPs that require DWS are still talking to potential practices about their positions. When the DWS map does change, everyone panics, but there is no need to.

If the location is no longer DWS, can a position still be filled?

Yes. If you are a GP looking at a DWS practice or a practice that is DWS and is interviewing GPs, you will still get a DWS exemption. However, you must have evidence that you were speaking about the position before the DWS map changed.

How does this work?

The Department of Health takes into account:

“Whether the applicant has entered into, or has commenced negotiations to enter into, a contract of service or contract for services under which he or she will provide professional services at the service location”

The Department of Health will grant you a DWS exemption based on the above legislation if you have proof that you were talking about the position whilst the location still had DWS status. This proof must be written evidence such as an email, letter or offer that has been sent to the GP so it is important to always save a copy of any correspondence at this time of year.

What if the GP doesn’t commence for a year?

You will still get a DWS exemption. There is no time limit for the above, you just need to make sure that you keep the proof of contact prior to the DWS change.

Please note: This advice about Medicare policies reflect our understanding and experience in dealing with 19AA/19AB exemptions. However, applications are subject to approval by the relevant authorities. Further, policy implementation may change from time to time without formal prior notice.

For more information on DWS changes or 19AB exemptions, please contact our Registration Manager Megan Lewis at megan@alecto.com.au

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