Ready to Brexit to Australia?

02 August 2016 | UK/Ireland GPs | 2 minutes read

Ready to Brexit to Australia?

Are you concerned about the future and wanting to do your own personal Brexit?  How about an Brexit down-under where we welcome doctors from the UK.

Many doctors are uncertain about what Brexit will mean for them if they have been working in the UK and Europe

Immediately after the vote we saw a drop in the pound and everyone was worried about what will happen next. Will the British economy withstand the split and will this effect pensions? Will EU countries impose work permit restrictions on UK citizens working in their countries? Will shop prices rise?

There are so many questions and added to some of the changes in the NHS, it comes as no surprise that many GPs are looking to move to Australia for their perfect GP job.  We have worked with dozens of GPs who have made the move prior to this because of the great work life balance, low cost of living, beautiful landscapes and financial opportunities Australia has to offer. If you are a UK trained GP with MRCGP or MICGP, then the transition is simple!  And you can be certain of a good opportunity.

Whether you are looking for a long term opportunity or just a short stay, a job by the beach or a job in the country, contact Alecto today to have a private and confidential discussion about your options.  At Alecto we are experts in the sector and can speak to you about the concerns or questions you may have. We focus on providing a premium service and ensure we match you with the position of your dreams! We have many great vacancies available, to view our current opportunities please search our vacancies.

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