Is Queensland a tropical paradise for GPs?

15 June 2017 | UK/Ireland GPs | 2 minutes read

Is Queensland a tropical paradise for GPs?


Queensland is full of beautiful places for GPs to live and work but there are also some downsides ….

Yes, Queensland is the perfect tropical destination for thousands of GPs from all around the world, but there are certain areas that are ‘over doctored’ while other regions have a high need for GPs.

UK GPs have especially taken an interest in Queensland and because of this, locations such as the Gold Coast are now turning GPs away.


What does over doctoring mean for GPs?

  • Less patients
  • Less billings
  • Less earnings

This means your time and money spent moving your family is not maximized and you could be making a smarter choice


What do I mean by smarter?

  • Consider suburbs in growth corridors
  • Look at places with higher GP demand but low GP population.
  • Remember that just because an area is classified as a District of Workforce Shortage (DWS), it doesn’t mean there are lots of patients
  • In Australia our healthcare system is a free market, this means you are not given a patient base and patients can choose which GP’s they want to see, in some DWS areas there is a high concentration of GP’s meaning it’s harder for doctors to build up a patient base because patients have so many options.


Which are the areas that still have a high demand for GPs?

At the moment we believe the following areas are good areas for new GPs

  • Western Brisbane
  • Northern Brisbane
  • Southern Gold Coast


Which are the areas that GPs should avoid?

  • Northern Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast


If you are thinking of making the move to Queensland, our consultant Hanniel can help steer you in the right direction. Contact her by calling +61 404 460 003 or

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